Are hookups worth it: Top 5 safety tips

Both young people and senior singles might have doubts before choosing the hookup lifestyle. It brings fewer responsibilities and bigger pleasure, but may cause safety issues as well.

However, everyone has the right for physical satisfaction. For a sensitive audience, top security measures for one-night stands were listed by the experts. For a Thai women to hookup.

  • Talk a bit before you get laid. In a hookup culture, it’s normal to discuss things in advance including safety measures and other details, so, do not feel timid.
  • Choose the less experienced person. Someone young who didn’t hookup much before, is likely to avoid the scam strategies and dangerous sex techniques, experts say.
  • Take the condoms and lubes with you. Do not rely on the next-corner pharmacy, bring everything you need with you to a hookup date. The force majeure can always happen.
  • Do not keep the money or cards with you. Avoid bringing big amounts of money or important bank cards with you. If you still need to, keep them in a secret pocket.
  • Use trusted sites and motels. Other people’s experience matters, so research the reviews and rating in advance before you use any online platform or offline place.