Breaking Cultural Boundaries in Vietnamese online Dating

Meeting a girl at any dating site can be tough if you don’t know the right
approach. It becomes even more difficult with Vietnamese online dating because you have to cross cultural boundaries too. Vietnamese online dating can actually be really easy if you do a little bit of
research and learn how to flatter Asian girls. There are a few things that you
need to remember right from the start though:
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Indian Dating

Pardesi Guy- Desi Girl Couples: White Men Dating Indian Women

Of all of India’s rich traditions, the marriage custom is of the most
elaborate. After two families have made an agreement in the notorious arranged
marriage contract, there are intricate steps to be followed from painting the
Indian woman’s hands to saying vows. For a country so rich in marriage
traditions, there are surprisingly no Indian dating customs.
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Korean Matchmaking Tradition in Modern Times

In old Korea, Confucian traditions dominated and men and women were kept
separate. Because of this, Korean matchmaking services were necessary for
Koreans to find a husband or a wife. Most Korean women didn’t even meet their
husband until their wedding day. Even though this tradition of Korean
matchmaking seems antiquated, many seniors living in Korea today were part of
that tradition.
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Purity in Chinese Dating Customs

China culture has many rich traditions – and they include courtship and dating
rules too. Before you get involved in Chinese dating, you should make sure that
you understand the customs and taboos of this country so you can better
understand its beautiful women.

Even though many parts of China are now very modern, even the most modern
people are still affected by the deep cultural roots which ingrain themselves
in every aspect of life, especially Chinese dating customs.
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How to Tell if Filipina Personals are Real

If you like Filipina girls, then you aren’t alone! Unfortunately, a lot of
Filipina personals agencies know this and are taking advantage of westerners
looking to date Filipina girls. Luckily, most of these Asian dating sites use
the same tricks which are really easy to spot.
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The Truth about Dating Thai Girls

Despite some of the images you will see on Thai girls dating sites, Thai girls
are actually very conservative. While many Western men are attracted to women from Thailand because of their beauty and elegance (often considered the most beautiful women in Asia), they can easily make many mistakes while dating Thai girls because they forget about this conservative nature.
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Secrets for Indonesian Women Dating

Indonesian woman datingIndonesian women dating requires a different approach than with western girls.
Not only is Indonesia a country with a long history and deep traditions, it has
a mix of many different cultures and influences. This can make things
complicated and sometimes not understandable from the western perspective when
it comes to Indonesian women dating.

Right away, I will tell you what won’t work with dating Indonesian women:
trying to impress them. Of course, this is what all men at Indonesian women
dating sites do. They flood their chosen Indonesian beauty with facts about how
successful they are, how big of a house they have, and so forth. If you do
that, the Indonesian women will know you are after them. True to their Asian
culture, they will play hard to get. The real secret for dating Indonesian
women is to make them think they have to impress you!
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What’s the Deal with Hong Kong Speed Dating?

I recently noticed a lot of Hong Kong speed dating sites and was confused by
this new trend in online dating. After all, isn’t online dating a form of speed
dating? All you have to do is type in some search options and you’ve got tons
of available Hong Kong singles that you can potentially hookup with for LTR.

Most Hong Kong speed dating sites really aren’t any different than a regular
dating site. Instead of a short profile, they give you a more detailed
questionnaire to fill out. Then, it gets circulated amongst the group of Hong
Kong singles who are in that speed dating session. Some of the Hong Kong speed
dating sites don’t even have an actual chat happening. They just charge you to
circulate the questionnaires around. And as if we actually enjoy filling out
and reading those questionnaires anyway!
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Why Singapore Girls Dating is Hard – but Worth It!

Lots of guys have a “fetish” where they like Asian girls. In fact, it is so
common for white men to be into dating Asian girls that it is hardly considered
a fetish anymore. You definitely shouldn’t be ashamed or even shy about your
love of Asian women. Any guy will understand about your attraction to those
petite, feminine beauties who like to treat men like they are kings.

But of all the Asian girls, Singapore girls dating is the best. However,
nothing good is easy and dating Singapore girls is much harder than dating
other Asian girls. My purpose of telling you this is so you won’t miss out on a
great experience just because you think that Singapore girls dating is too much
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