How to Tell if Filipina Personals are Real

If you like Filipina girls, then you aren’t alone! Unfortunately, a lot of
Filipina personals agencies know this and are taking advantage of westerners
looking to date Filipina girls. Luckily, most of these Asian dating sites use
the same tricks which are really easy to spot.

First of all, don’t bother with Filipina personals if there is no picture. You
will want to know what the Filipina girl you are communicating with looks like,
of course! However, it is more common that you will find Filipina personals
where the girl looks like a model. Chances are that she actually is a model –
but not the kind you want! Lots of Filipina personals agencies hire attractive
girls and make multiple fake profiles for them. A good way to spot these fake
Filipina personals is by seeing how professional the photograph looks, whether
it was taken in a studio (has a plain background), and if the Filipina girl has
only one picture.

If the Filipina girl looks good in her profile, but not too good, then you
should make contact. In the first email or letter with a Filipina girl through
a dating agency it is hard to determine whether or not she is a real person.
After all, first correspondences in online dating can always be a bit formal.
However, you should be able to tell by the second email if the Filipina girl is

Look out for girls from Filipina dating sites who instantly say they love you
and want to come marry you. Also, we wary of Filipina girls who suddenly are in
financial trouble. They are probably scammers. A sure way to tell if the
Filipina girl is real, and not some scammer or thought-up profile from an
agency, is to ask some questions. If she doesn’t answer them in the letters,
then the girl in the Filipina personals is probably a fake!