Indian Dating

Pardesi Guy- Desi Girl Couples: White Men Dating Indian Women

Of all of India’s rich traditions, the marriage custom is of the most
elaborate. After two families have made an agreement in the notorious arranged
marriage contract, there are intricate steps to be followed from painting the
Indian woman’s hands to saying vows. For a country so rich in marriage
traditions, there are surprisingly no Indian dating customs.

Indian dating practically doesn’t exist in the large country. Since many people
had their future spouse picked out at childhood, there was no point for Indian
dating traditions. Of course, Indian dating did happen outside of the arranged
marriage partners chosen by families but the entire Indian dating courtship
would have to be done in secret.

However, times have changed and Indian dating is beginning to enter culture. If
you want to date Indian women, keep in mind that South India is still
incredibly conservative whereas the North and West tend to be more liberal
about Indian dating in society. In regards to foreigners though, it is usually
Indian men dating white women.

Indian women: How to date girls from India

It seems strange that Indian dating to the western world is primarily
restricted to men. That is in large part due to the fact that many Indian women
are still pressured to uphold their families’ traditions. The Bombay Times,
however, recently did interviews with Indian women dating foreign men.

The Indian women interviewed were all celebrities such as actress Sweta Keswani
and singer Manasi Scott. Some of the reasons that these women gave for Indian
dating outside of the cultural traditions is for their freedom. Sweta likes
that her husband doesn’t expect her to cook for him. Manasi likes that her
husband is more active than Indian men. Keep this in mind if you are a
foreigner interested in Indian dating because you are looking for the
untraditional Indian girls!