Korean Matchmaking Tradition in Modern Times

In old Korea, Confucian traditions dominated and men and women were kept
separate. Because of this, Korean matchmaking services were necessary for
Koreans to find a husband or a wife. Most Korean women didn’t even meet their
husband until their wedding day. Even though this tradition of Korean
matchmaking seems antiquated, many seniors living in Korea today were part of
that tradition.

In today’s Korea, matchmaking services are making a comeback but for completely
different reasons. Korea has become a very high tech and advanced society with
more Korean women choosing to follow careers than get married. They simply
become too busy to go out on dates. The Korean women who do want to meet a
husband have trouble because the men are also more interested in work than
Korean dating.

Luckily, Korea’s high tech society is putting its knowledge to use by making
Korean matchmaking sites modeled after techniques used in the older days.
Couples are paired on the Korean matchmaking sites based on social background,
common interests, and life desires. This breaks the taboo that all Korean
matchmaking is about selling the prettiest Korean girls to the richest men.
Instead, Korean matchmaking is about finding harmony between couples.

It isn’t surprising that many Korean women are using Korean matchmaking sites
to find foreigners. Nor is it surprising that westerns are taking notice of
these beautiful Asian women. Despite the revolutionary changes in Korean
culture, marriage is still considered a contract between families with strict
roles for both parties. Many Korean women want the social freedom of western

How to Date Korean Girl?!

However, don’t be surprised if you find girls on Korean matchmaking sites who
were brought there by their parents. These families want to make sure that
their beautiful daughters have the best opportunities and push them towards
Korean matchmaking sites to find western men.