Purity in Chinese Dating Customs

China culture has many rich traditions – and they include courtship and dating
rules too. Before you get involved in Chinese dating, you should make sure that
you understand the customs and taboos of this country so you can better
understand its beautiful women.

Even though many parts of China are now very modern, even the most modern
people are still affected by the deep cultural roots which ingrain themselves
in every aspect of life, especially Chinese dating customs.

In the past, Chinese women didn’t even have any contact with men – no hugging,
kissing or even handholding – until they were married. Additionally, many
Chinese women didn’t know about conception until they were of marriage age.
Keep in mind though that marriage age in China is lower than in western
countries because Chinese women are afraid to end up as “old maids.”

Chinese Dating: How to Date Chinese Girls

Today’s Chinese women have been exposed to western ideas and are knowledgeable
of sex. But, under no circumstances, should you mention sex while dating
Chinese women. It is considered very vulgar and rude in Chinese dating. You
will also want to refrain from too much public displays of affection while
dating Chinese women. On the first date, you should act like friends. After a
few dates with a Chinese woman, then you can start holding hands though you
might want to refrain from kissing in public.

In Chinese dating customs, virginity and purity is considered a high virtue.
Many of the women you will meet on Chinese dating sites are more open and
uninhibited when it comes to sex – that is part of what attracts them to
western men. However, keep in mind that everything is relative. Even the most
open women at Chinese dating sites still are influenced by their culture and
you should make sure you respect their customs.