Secrets for Indonesian Women Dating

Indonesian woman datingIndonesian women dating requires a different approach than with western girls.
Not only is Indonesia a country with a long history and deep traditions, it has
a mix of many different cultures and influences. This can make things
complicated and sometimes not understandable from the western perspective when
it comes to Indonesian women dating.

Right away, I will tell you what won’t work with dating Indonesian women:
trying to impress them. Of course, this is what all men at Indonesian women
dating sites do. They flood their chosen Indonesian beauty with facts about how
successful they are, how big of a house they have, and so forth. If you do
that, the Indonesian women will know you are after them. True to their Asian
culture, they will play hard to get. The real secret for dating Indonesian
women is to make them think they have to impress you!

So, just how do you do that –especially through an online Indonesian dating
site? First of all, you will have to impress the Indonesian girl enough to get
her to think you are a good catch worth pursuing. But never let her know you
are trying to impress her! You can use some smart tactics while on the
Indonesian women dating site to show how great you are without ever saying it.
For example, post a picture of yourself where your nice car happens to be in
the background. Or mention that you are having problems with your summer
house’s landscaper. Just don’t mention your income.

This approach to Indonesian women dating is completely different than the
direct way which you’d go after a western woman. Indonesian women have been
taught by culture that someone needs to be the pursuer and relationships should
go through several levels of courtship and approval. Why not let her do the
pursuing and you do the approving while on Indonesian women dating sites?