What’s the Deal with Hong Kong Speed Dating?

I recently noticed a lot of Hong Kong speed dating sites and was confused by
this new trend in online dating. After all, isn’t online dating a form of speed
dating? All you have to do is type in some search options and you’ve got tons
of available Hong Kong singles that you can potentially hookup with for LTR.

Most Hong Kong speed dating sites really aren’t any different than a regular
dating site. Instead of a short profile, they give you a more detailed
questionnaire to fill out. Then, it gets circulated amongst the group of Hong
Kong singles who are in that speed dating session. Some of the Hong Kong speed
dating sites don’t even have an actual chat happening. They just charge you to
circulate the questionnaires around. And as if we actually enjoy filling out
and reading those questionnaires anyway!

Since most of the Hong Kong speed dating sites are like this, you can imagine
my shock that they are getting so popular. It turns out though that there are
actually a few good ones out there. Since I spend most of the year in Hong Kong
for work, I was really excited to see that the original idea of speed dating
has been translated to a nice online-friendly version.

The way Hong Kong speed dating works is that you find a session you want to
join. For example, I join the one for university graduates. Thankfully, you
don’t even have to fill out any of those forms or questionnaires. The HK speed
dating site just uses your profile info. Then, you get to talk with actual Hong
Kong women for a short time period. I love it because I meet great Hong Kong
that I might not have contacted just based on their profiles.