Why are So Many Women on Japanese Singles Sites?

Japan is very unique amongst Asian countries because Japanese are often very xenophobic. Many Japanese don’t even have the desire to leave their country or, if they do, they stick with their countrymen and go on organized tours.
It is important to remember this when you see how many Japanese singles are on dating sites. When you see the high amount of Japanese women seeking to meet men, you might think that all Japanese women have an interest in foreigners. 

This is NOT the case!
Really, the Japanese singles at dating sites are a minority (even though there are many of them). Unlike other Asian cultures which might go about meeting white men through other means, Japanese women find that online dating sites are
the only way that they can break from the boundaries of their island country.
While Tokyo girls may have a chance to meet foreign tourists, they know that this is not serious dating. Most Japanese singles still hold very high virtues when it comes to sex and relationships. They are not prudes but are not as open about sex as westerners. The topic is left for movies and chatting with girlfriends but older generations still frown upon public displays of sexuality. The Japanese singles at dating sites may be more sexually open than other Asian women but they aren’t “easy.”


Make sure that you take this xenophobic nature into consideration when dating Japanese singles. You should always be incredibly patient when dating any foreign girl, especially Japanese girls. It will really help you out if you do a bit of research about the country and its culture first to avoid
misunderstandings. It will also impress all those Japanese singles looking for a western man!